About Us

MEET GOLDIE AND ANDY ROBERTS. We would just like you to know a little bit about us. I am an auditor by trade and I need to get out doors and release some stress on a bike occasionally. We got into the electric bike business because Andy is a stage 4 lung cancer survivor who had his left lung removed in 2003. Andy wanted to enjoy the outdoors with me and our granddaughters, so he begin his search for reasonably priced electric bikes built in the US, unable to find a suitable product we had to look elsewhere. So we found a manufacturer that would work with us and build the bikes to our specifications. Andy has designed the bikes we are selling.

S.A.M.’s Bike Co has a complete line of electric bikes. Come and test ride one of our pedal assist bikes. We have everything from 24 speed Mountain Bikes with or without 5 inch wide tires, 20” and 26” Trikes, to 6 Speed foldable Bikes. Pedal and get all the exercise you want, then switch on the 350W / 500W / 750W / 1000W electric motor and let it assist you up a hill or back home!

GO GREEN – Our bikes will travel approximately 40 miles on one charge. This is a great way to commute and still feel refreshed when you get to work. Charge the battery while you are at work, and have all the fun you want on the way back home! It takes less than 4 hours to re charge the battery completely and costs less than a nickel.

ENJOY THE OUTDOORS – Our bikes provide a bit of help for those who want to get out doors, but have some physical limitations. Let’s face it, we are all getting older and with that come the aches, pains and replacements.

THERE IS NO SAM! S.A.M.’s is an abbreviation for our granddaughters. Meet Sofia, Anna and Maria. They love to ride these bikes and are going to take over the company soon!